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Roller Skates

The top quality leather boots with soft polyurethane wheels are designed specificallly for gym floors. We have several thousand pair in sizes to accomodate grades K-12.

We use brand name high quality inline and roller skates.


Inline Skates

We provide Rollerblade® and Roces® brand top quality rental inlines. They feature soft polyurethane wheels and non-marking gray heel brakes. Your students are accustomed to skating with heel brakes on their inline skates at home, NOT front stops.

Safety Gear

Wrist guards are included at no additional cost. Our multi-sport polyethylene hard shell helmets have a E.P.S shock absorbing core. Helmets, kneepads, and elbow guards are available for $1.00 extra per student.



B.R. Sports delivers and picks up the skates in lockable, rolling cabinets that are 4' high, 4' long, and 2' wide. Schools should provide padlocks and a lockable upon request.


B.R. Sports carries commercial general liability insurance which covers any injuries and/or damages caused by our equipment. A certificate is available upon request.


Call 1-(800)-BR-SPORT or 1-(800)-277-7678

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