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We use brand name high quality inline and roller skates.

“Skating is a life-long activity. Teaching it in school helps kids not only to improve their skills, but gives the experience to all.
B.R. Sports’ skates and equipment are FAR superior to others. I used another company for years and was always given broken and dirty skates. With B.R. Sports, the skates are always in great condition. I HIGHLY recommend them – very friendly staff and owners!”

Pat P. from St Walters – Roselle

“It is a unique addition to the PE curriculum. It provides a super work out for the kids while working on balance, coordination, and body control. And it’s SO fun!
B.R. Sports has always provided excellent service with quality equipment. Plus they are great people to work with. The price is right and reasonable. They also work with your school on an individual basis to accommodate your PE schedule.”

Mary S. from Rollins Elem. – Aurora

“It is a non-traditional way for students to get an aerobic workout – and they enjoy it.
We continue to use B.R. Sports because they deliver AND pick up when they say they will, and the equipment is in good condition – relatively new.”

Matt K. from Erie Middle – Erie

“Service is excellent. The communication and family-operated business provide an outstanding experience. The quality of skates are superior to other companies.
I’m a customer for life!”

Adam M. from Avery Coonley – Downers Grove

“It’s a wonderful activity that the kids really enjoy. B.R. Sports has competitive pricing and great customer service.”
Candice F. from Washburne Middle – Winnetka

“We love using their equipment and look forward to the unit each year. Great customer service!”

“I have NEVER had a problem in all the years I have worked with B.R. Sports. I’m thinking it has been at least 15 years.”

“B.R. Sports outshines its competitors!”

“We enjoy the skates. The kids love the unit – it is their favorite every year!”

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